I write, edit, eat, drink, & travel.

What am I doing?

I write and consult on digital media projects, conduct mezcal tastings, and cover spirits in this rapidly changing world.

I write Spirit Lives, a Substack newsletter that covers the world of distilled spirits. I also write about spirits for Mezcalistas and other publications. Most recently I wrote about a key sustainability project in Guanajuato, a mobile distillery on a tractor, mezcal brands who opt not to certify, the world of Armagnac and how some tequila producers are going back to their roots


I always am working on some fun projects. Right this second I am translating Domingo Garcia’s “Mezcal : un espirituoso artesanal de clase mundial” which will be published in an English edition in 2023.

Follow me on Instagram to see where I am, what I’m cooking, eating and drinking. I like to travel, eat, drink, look at art, and learn more about the world around me. You can follow my progress through my maps:

Year in Music: 2022

Max’s Espresso Map

Where to Eat

Temples of the Cocktail  

Where do I come from? 

I used to work at Salon.com and SFGate.com. More recently I co-founded RecipePowerMezcalistas, and Lucky Loser.