Brazen? Lame?

A while back I read a Cult of Mac post about an iPhone bumper that might alleviate the death grip issue with my iPhone 4 so I ponied up for the TruePower ThinSkin Personalization Film with high hopes because it looked less bulky and more flashy than anything else on the market. Actually applying the film was somewhat less edifying than my expectations.  True to its name it was really a set of stickers that you are supposed to apply around the edges of the phone.  The application concluded with a tangled mass of tape and a return to Amazon. Fortunately I later found the incase snap case which, while not as light as the TruePower tape is entirely functional and good looking.  I’d forgotten about the incident until I received this yesterday:

From: True Power Inc. – Amazon Marketplace <>
Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 8:47 PM
Subject: Information from Amazon seller True Power Inc.

1 of TruePower ThinSkin Personalization Films for iPhone 4 (Cardinal Red) [ASIN: B0043ZD00U]

————- Begin message ————-

We want to thank you your purchase of ThinSkins in Cardinal Red!!!

That being said, we would also like to apologize to you. You see, the first rev of Cardinal Red ThinSkins were horrible. Fragile, too thin, hard to put on, etc. All bad.

That being said we would like to offer you a FREE replacement for your rev 1.0 Cardinal Red ThinSkin with rev 2.0 ThinSkin. Interested? Just email us back to let us know you even care and we will send you a really great rev that we are really proud of.


There’s a nice affectation of honesty here there’s nothing more honest than not releasing a defective product in the first place.


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