Espresso Map

Here’s a map of my favorite espresso places in the country.  My taste skews to the soft and creamy. I try to provide a bit of context about the shops but my primary goal is to tell you where you can find a decent espresso so that we can all avoid another horrible experience at Starbucks or a really watered down shot.

I added Sant’ Eustachio as a lone global outpost because it’s the only international espresso that truly stuck with me.  Normal Italian espresso gives most American places a good run for the money while there are many superlative cafes.  Next time I’m there I’ll update the map with the ones to seek out.  Obviously there are huge holes here because my home base is San Francisco and I haven’t been getting out across the country as much as I’d like in the past few years.

I am always happy to learn of new places, debate old ones and argue points so email me or leave a comment below.


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