Nobrow Coffee Works – Salt Lake City

Since my last visit almost six years ago third generation coffee has finally reached Salt Lake City. All the regular trappings are present, the Marzocco, tatooed barista, clean semi-industrial look instead of steam punk, and a great set of drinks. Nobrow

SLC's espresso of choice.
Salt Lake City’s espresso of choice.
NoBrow's Alphadominiche
Local pride on view, designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City.

distinguishes itself by serving a cortado which is a mighty improvement on what you find in Spain. That old James Freeman (I think) adage about Italy producing the highest average quality espresso while never reaching high levels of quality holds true for the Iberian peninsula’s milk and coffee standard: NoBrow pretty nearly perfects it.

Then they go a step further with their Alphadominiche machine, designed and manufactured right there in Salt Lake City. Contrary to my description Alphadominiche describes their machines as steam punk which may just be in the eye of the beholder because it looks like a great manufacturing project to me. I digress, great extraction for anyone interested in that process.

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