Dignita on 3rd: Espresso work life

This unassuming entrance could be your new espresso fueled workspace.
This unassuming entrance could be your new espresso fueled workspace.

It’s saying something that an espresso bar now is a casual addition to a work space, perhaps even an essential component. Dignita styles itself as an espresso bar and you’d be hard pressed to disagree with the Marzocco pushing out bang on shots from Thump Coffee in Bend, Oregon and pastries by Sandbox.

The espresso is bracingly acidic, much more suited to steamed milk drinks but perfectly palatable on its own. Music is atmospheric pop, inoffensive until someone you know pops onto the playlist.

The style is drift wood with off-the-shelf hardware fittings bedecked with succulents. It’s also a fully modular space. Invention Hub occupies the majority of the building behind modular walls. The espresso bar is on wheels so it can also shift around. Occasionally the walls get reconfigured for meetings and the espresso space has shrunk lately which can make the front cramped. Fortunately everyone seems happy to split tables.

But there’s much, much, more afoot here. They have another location mid-market in The Hall, next door to Show Dogs. And they’re a whole food company, and they do right by their employees, and I’m sure there are plenty of story lines that I’m missing. Suffice to say that it’s a good scene.

It’s a much needed addition to Dogpatch as it oozes towards Pier 70, UCSF, Mission Bay and south towards Bayview. My only real nit is that wifi sessions run less than an hour, otherwise this could be your new office away from home.


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