Provender Postulates Potrero caffeinapocaypse 

Marzocco check.

Sightglass check.

Hexagonal white tiles check.

Air plants check.

Provender recently opened on Potrero’s frequently changing 18th St strip. It brings the best coffee on the hill, to date by serving that Sightglass with just the right pour length. It’s a bit too bright for me but more integrated than the surrounding espressos at Farley’s and Chatz. Even if you like what they offer you have to wonder at the density of decent espresso on Potrero Hill. The Dogpatch side is bustling with Neighbor Bakehouse, Piccino, Front, and Dignita. The North side has Papa November‘s permanent trailer pop up.  The Mission side has Sightglass, Blue Bottle, and Coffee Bar. And there are rumors of yet another Potrero Hill caffe up on 20th. For what used to be a quiet residential neighborhood that’s quite a lot of coffee.

Provender replaces Bake which was great, especially for breakfast pastries, but the formula appears to be good espresso + good baked goods + sandwiches for lunch, at least until we see this location rotate along with the rest of the strip. The sandwhiches at Provender are commendably light, especially the beet sandwich. Just don’t expect to eat in. It’s literally a store front so you either eat on the bench out front, drink your espresso at the bar in the window or take it to go.


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