Contramar still has it

[/media-credit] Their distinctive font leads the way.

After all of these years Contramar still has it all. Impeccable service by squads of waiters who are there in a second if you need anything. Mostly that’s not even necessary because they seem to intuit when you’ll want something and are already there as your head tilts up. The place is still packed so it’s not just my opinion, of course now that it’s safely printed up in all the travel guides tourists are definitely a presence, but so are all the Mexicans who are always dining to see and be seen.

[/media-credit] Licor 43 and espresso, shaken and strained. A kind of hippy speed ball to get you back to your desk.

This last trip I finally tasted their house cocktail, the 43 which is a shaken mix of Licor 43 and an espresso. At lunch this seems like the obligatory way to get you up and back to work or wherever you may be stumbling. Because the wine list has some wonderful things on it that highlight bottles coming out of the Valle de Guadalupe. They also have you covered on the mezcal front.

[/media-credit] Just another of the many famous fish dishes at Contramar.

But really you’re there to eat seafood, the famous tuna tostada still stands up but the wide variety of seafood cocktails, aguachiles, and the full fish aka Pescado alla Talla in style Contramar so that you can try both sauces.


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