So long RSS, hello RSS!

It’s been a minute since Google Reader was the organizing factor of online media. Google killed the project to, as they explained at the time, clean up their application suite later admitting that they were trying to create their own universe of mico-targeted social media. That worked out real great for Google and the world.

Others jumped in without really fulfilling the need while social media overran everything. But nothing ever quite replaced that need for me, nothing gathered all my feeds into a single spot. Social media is far too diffuse, individual media outlets too centralized, so I’ve hobbled on iterating through Feedly, Byline, and others as a proxy for all my feeds. And then, this week I discovered RSS Mailer.

It performs the same functions as an RSS aggregator but it aggregates all the posts from your feeds into a daily email. So, here we are in the era where email newsletters are the back-to-the-future kings of media and you can get a daily digest of all your feeds first thing in the morning and stay on top of everything. There’s no irony in the fact that I found out about RSS Mailer through the excellent newsletter Dense Discovery. Apparently there are some times when you really can have it all.


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